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Project Overview

This project is a mobile application designed to support contact tracing and provide a digital pandemic response; it is sponsored by the PathCheck Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to stopping COVID-19.

This project is open-source; a global community of engineers, designers, and volunteers have contributed to making this project a reality.

This project uses the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) protocol to facilitate digital contact tracing.

Privacy Preserving And Secure 🔒

The PathCheck Foundation has a strong commitment to privacy and security. We're building an application that can help contain outbreaks of COVID-19 while maintaining the highest standards for protecting user privacy.

Broad Volunteer Community 💪

One of the essential aspects of the PathCheck open source project is support by a large community of volunteers. We are a diverse group of product managers, user researchers, cryptography experts, security and compliance experts, designers, and marketers. More than 2,200 Path Check volunteers are working together to support the project and help drive adoption worldwide.

Join the Slack organization PathCheck Slack organization to get involved.

Custom Builds 🔧

We welcome public health authorities and other organizations implementing digital contact tracing strategies to create custom builds for their specific needs, incorporate PathCheck features into their applications, or create downstream projects that stay linked to the PathCheck project. If intending to fork the repository, be aware that this comes "at your own risk" for continued maintenance.

Certain customizations are available out of the box.

Localization 🌐

This project is localized and can be used by communities worldwide.

Imperial and metric unit systems are supported.

The following locales are supported.

This project is using Lokalise for translations.

Learn More 📚

COVID PathCheck Website

Apps Gone Rogue: Maintaining Personal Privacy in an Epidemic - The orginal white paper.

COVID PathCheck Slack - Where the community lives.

Development Overview

Contributing 👏

Read the contribution guidelines.

Development Setup 💻

Read the developer setup guide.


MIT License


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