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ADAMpro is the persistent polystore (based on Apache Spark) for all data required for retrieval.

Quick start

In the following, we present how to easily setup and run ADAMpro. For this, we make use of the Docker image released on Docker Hub.

Pull the image using

docker pull vitrivr/adampro:latest

or run directly using (with the recommended ports being opened):

docker run --name adampro -p 4040:4040 -p 5890:5890 -p 9099:9099 -d vitrivr/adampro:latest

After the creation of the container, you can navigate to


to open the ADAMpro UI (and http://localhost:4040 for the Spark UI). Furthermore, you can connect on port 5890 to make use of the database. Note that your Docker installation may require a different host than localhost.

Using the aforementioned options for creating the Docker container, will create a container which stores the data in Apache Parquet files. Other Docker tags are available for containers which e.g., come with PostgreSQL and solr installed, or which use HDFS.

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