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Resolved #83 and #84

Added informative sections to the README w.r.t. versioning and styleguide
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@@ -46,3 +46,19 @@ For 3D rendering (required in order to support 3D models) you either need a vide
The -3d option will perform a 3D test. If it succeeds, cineast should generate a PNG image depicting two coloured
triangles on a black background.

## Contribution

> Contributions are always welcome.
### Versioning

Cineast uses [semantic versioning]( See [the releases page](

### Code Style

Cineast primarily uses the [Google Java Styleguide](
Please keep the changes you do in compliance with it.

To automatically apply the styleguide in [IntelliJ IDEA]( import the [styleguide]( in _File_ -> _Settings_ -> _Editor_ -> _Code Style_ -> _Java_ and import the [scheme]( via the gear icon.

You can also use [Eclipse]( for development and use Google's [styleguide for eclipse](

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