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Development Environment Setup

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Development Environment Setup

This is a guide on how to set-up your local development environment to contribute to cineast.


This guide w.r.t. the multi-module branch.


It is expected that you have a JDK installed. We recommend one provided by Open JDK. Minimal version is JDK for Java SE 8.

Furthermore, you also have to clone the storage layer, CottontailDB. As of CottontailDB's current version, the steps to prepare your local CottontailDB instance are as follows:

  1. Clone CottontailDB:
git clone --recursive
  1. Setup and build CottontailDB:
$> ./gradlew clean generateProto generateGrammarSource build
  1. Run CottontailDB
$> java -jar build/libs/cottontaildb.jar
  1. Whenever required, update the submodules:
$> git submodule update --init --recursive


As of now, you have set-up CottontailDB which is running on its default port. These are your next steps:

  1. Clone Cineast
$> git clone --recursive
  1. Build Cineast
$> ./gradlew clean generateProto build

By now, you should have all the required dependencies and preparation steps performed. To actually test / debug cineast now, you would use

org.vitrivr.cineast.api.Main as main class.

It has one mandatory argument; the config (cineast.json).

More coming soon(tm)

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