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Vitruv is a framework for view-based software development. It assumes different models to be used for describing a software system, which are automatically kept consistent by the framework and its applications.


Vitruv can be installed in Eclipse Oxygen via the nightly update site. A wiki page provides detailled instructions for using or extending Vitruv.

Project Development

Vitruv is short for Vitruvius (VIew-cenTRic engineering Using a VIrtual Underlying Single model) and is developed at the Chair for Software Design and Quality (SDQ) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT):

The project page can be found at:

Project Basics

Vitruv is realized as Eclipse Plug-ins and makes use of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). It depends on the following Eclipse tools:

  • EMF
  • Xtext
  • Xtend

Project Structure

The project is structured as follows:

Section Description
Framework The framework consists of the central elements for defining a virtual single underlying model (VSUM) and provides extension points for the different domains and applications to be used with the framework.
Extensions Extensions extend the framework with new functionality and can be used by different domains and applications.
DSLs The provided DSLs can be used to specify consistency-restoring transformations between two different domains. They generate code that is used to extend the framework for keeping instances of a specific pair of models consistent.
Domains A domain defines the necessary concepts for one metamodel. It defines the metamodel namespaces a domain consists of, defines utilities specific for this metamodel and defines the way in which editors for this metamodel are watched for changes.
Applications An application is defined for a pair of domains. It essentially consists of the consistency-restoring transformations that keep model instances of these two domains consistent. It can also define further features for the domains, e.g. the integration of existing models.
Views A view is defined for a single or a set of domains. It specifies a specify view on the models, e.g. a UML class diagram view on Java code.
Build Build projects define features of the Vitruv project and information for their continuous integration.


View-based development and model consistency framework




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