Continuous Integration

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Our continuous integration is based on Maven Tycho and Travis-CI.

Maven is used to build the projects, perform tests, package plugins to features and create and update site for them. Travis-CI provides the build server, which automatically executes the Maven build after pushing changes to the GitHub repository and deploys the new artifacts to our nightly update site.

Maven Tycho

Maven Tycho performs four steps:

  1. Build plugins in the bundles folder
  2. Build and run tests in the tests folder
  3. Package plugins to features in the features folder
  4. Create an update site in the releng folder

Travis CI

We use Travis CI for performing the continuous integration after every commit, as well as every day.

You can find the Travis builds here:

For the main project, you can find the build here:

Please check that your contributions successfully compile on that build server.

to be continued

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