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Development Environment

Setup your development environment according to the instructions in Getting Started. If you are using a current version of Eclipse and especially Xtend, disable the warnings for unnecessary modifiers, as we do not adhere to the code style of Xtend regarding modifiers. You can find the option under Window -> Preferences -> Xtend -> Errors/Warnings. In the category "Unnecessary code" set the level of "Unnecessary modifier" to "Ignore".

Contribution Workflow

To contribute to the Vitruv project, please either fork the appropriate project or create a branch of it and ask us to get rights for pushing to that branch. If you think that your contribution is complete and should be integrated into the master branch, start a pull request with an expressive description. We will review the modifications and comment on them or merge them into the master branch. It is not possible for anyone to directly push to the master branches of the projects. Every modification has to be merged from a pull request.

Ensure that the Maven build of the project works successfully, both on your local machine as well as on our build server (see Continuous Integration). Often, locally cached artifacts make the build work although it does not succeed on the build server, so ensure that your build also succeeds there. Also ensure that your code is free of warnings. We use the standard setup of Eclipse (except for the modification explained above) for code style.

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