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Projective UML Editor for Java (ProjUmlEd4J)

The Projective UML Editor for Java (ProjUmlEd4J) is a Sirius-based editor that display ordinary Java code as a UML model. It does not require an explicit UML model as it extracts all necessary information from the Java code and adds additional information, like multiplicities of associations, as annotations to the code. Therefore, this UML editor is only a projection from the Java code, resulting in an always consistent representation of UML class diagram and Java code.

Setup Development/Usage Environment

The ProjUmlEd4j can be installed from the Vitruv update site, see Install from Update Site

The source code and further information on the development can be found in the GitHub-Repository for Vitruv-Views.

Using the editor

Assuming you have installed the editor in your Eclipse from the update site, you simply need to do the following:

  1. Right click on a package in the package explorer -> Select Create UML class diagram
  2. The editor will open and is ready to use. After saving any changes in the UML editor, the source code is automatically updated. After modifying the underlying source code, the UML editor is reloaded.
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