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A command line tool for the Quote Database found on, sister project of qdb-api-plus
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qdb-cli, the sister project of qdb-api-plus, is a command line interface for the quote database on

How to use

Everything is detailed in the help text that you can get by running qdb --help or qdb -h or qdb help or even just qdb.

$ npm install -g qdb-cli
$ qdb
Usage: qdb <command> [<args>] [-i | --id] [-n | --hide-score] [-o | --over0] [-b | --byNumber]
	random [<count>] - Get count amount of random quotes (default 1)
	top [<count>] - Get count amount of top quotes (default 1)
	latest [<count>] - Get latest quotes
	get <id> - Get a specific quote based on it's id
	search <query> [<count>] - Search for specific quotes (count default is 1)
	help - Show this help text
	i or id - Show the ID with the quote
	n or hide-score - Hide the score of the quote
	o or over0 - (only applies to random) whether to get quotes with a positive score or not
	b or byNumber - (only applies to search) whether to sort by ID number or by Score
	h or help - show this help text

Cool tricks

Pair it with...

  • cowsay (tip - use -n to preserve whitespace)
  • figlet
  • lolcat (my favorite)
  • all of the above
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