IoT thermostat with ESP8266 Wemos D1 Mini
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IoT thermostat with ESP8266 Wemos D1 Mini

WiFi thermostat based on Wemos D1 Mini and using SHT3X(SHT31-D) temperature/humidity sensor. Data are sent to Thingspeak server and Blynk. Thermostat can be controlled by Blynk application. Project is free to use, coded in C++, created in Visual Code with PlatfomIO IDE.

To build a project, you need to download all the necessary libraries and create the settings.cpp file in the src folder:

// Thermostat project settings
struct Settings
    const char *thingSpeakWriteApiKey = "Your API Key";
    const unsigned long thingSpeakChannelId = channelId;
    const char *ssid = "WIFI ssid";
    const char *password = "WIFI password";
    const char *blynkAuth = "blynkAuth";

Currents list:



PCB circuit:

PCB circuit PCB circuit


Blynk app Blynk app