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This file documents any relevant changes done to ViUR Vi since version 2.


Current development version.

2.3 Kilauea

Release date: Oct 2, 2018

  • Prints the path to the current module or entity into the address bar.
  • Improvements of the List-module handler (ListHandler); Please check out the corresponding wiki entry for usage and code examples.
    • ListHandler views are now inheriting "icon", "columns", "filter" and "context" from the provided adminInfo, if not explicitly overridden.
    • ListHandler views can now be extended using the parameters "+name", "+columns", "+filter", "+context", "+actions", which is then appended or merged into their appropriate positions.
    • The parameter "views.request" can be used to additionally load views on demand from the server by calling a function, returning a "views"-like list of views configuration as in a standard adminInfo. The function is invoked when the user clicks on a view with appropriate position, with only a short delay.
    • The parameter "mode" can be set to "normal" (default), "hidden" or "group" to let List-modules behave like Groups, where the underlying views provide the neccessary module functionalities.
  • The adminInfo["sortIndex"] value is now ordered correctly in ascending order, and works as expected on all browsers.
  • File selector is cached globally for a better user experience (you don't have to navigate to the previous location again and again and again...)
  • ViUR logics integration updated and made their rendering smoother.
  • Bugfix: FileWidget which wasn't recognized by moduleHandlerSelector.
  • Bugfix: Reset the actionbar loading state in tree module.

2.2 Etna

Release date: Apr 23, 2018

  • v2.2.1: Bugfix on the bones configured as visible=False feature
  • Reload-button in edit masks with changes checking
  • Support of the new selectBone feature, replacing the former selectOneBone and selectMultiBone in server
  • Refactored image file preview and new image detail viewer
  • Bones configured as visible=False are rendered as hidden objects now, instead of ignoring them
  • Improved context editing features and editViews feature (still in beta)
    • Context-editing actions
    • New widget selector for embedded widgets
    • Evaluation of "title" and "class" attributes in editViews
  • ViUR logics v2.2 integrated
  • Improved network communication module ( with manual request kickoff and generic error handling
  • Bugfixes
    • relatonalBone(multiple=True) loose values when unserialize() is called twice (happens under some cirumstances)
    • Counting of "And X more..." in relationalBone(multiple=True) and selectBone(multiple=True) was incorrect
    • Making AdminScreen instances re-usable with different users
    • Tooltips shall always be expandable


Release date: Nov 2, 2017

  • Made ViUR logics permanently available as a Beta feature. Logics can be used for dynamic mask behaviors by providing test expressions that influence bone readonly/visibility states. Check out the README in ViUR/logics for more information and examples.
  • Generally refactored all supported bones to provide a consistent API (bone.serializeForPost(), bone.serializeForDocument(), and much more)
  • Extended bones and modules to context-features, which allow to pass context-dependent parameters through to filters, query and add/edit actions and modify application behavior this way.
  • Revised login process that allows to display custom masks (e.g. password changing dialog) within the login process.
  • Network communication is now entirely done on the server's vi-renderer (before it was mostly vi, but also admin)
  • Full-screen view mode by clicking on the Vi-Logo
  • vi-custom.js file included to allow JavaScript customizations
  • utils.formatString() improved to expand selectOneBone and selectMultiBone entries into their values
  • Clicking the Vi-Logo (or project logo) in the upper-left corner toggles the Pane-bar visibility on the left.
  • New and
  • v2.1.1: File add button was not working


Release date: Dec 22, 2016

  • ViUR server 2.0.x compliance
  • "id" was renamed to "key"
  • Supporting of universal user module
  • Styling