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#	Setup in Eclipse
- Get Eclipse classic edition (tested with 3.6 and later)
- Install AJDT plugin (needed for some AspectJ code portions)
- Import the DocFetcher folder into your Eclipse workspace
- In Eclipse, create a User Library named 'SWT' which points to the right SWT jar for your platform. The SWT jars can be found in lib/swt.
- Main class: net.sourceforge.docfetcher.gui.Application
- Required VM arguments
	Mac OS X:
- Optional VM argument: -enableassertions

#	Building DocFetcher from the console
- Requirements: Python and JDK 6.0+
- current-version.txt:
	- this file contains the version number used by all build scripts below
	- this file must not contain any extra whitespace or newlines
	- the main build file that builds DocFetcher
	- output is in the "build" folder
- build-win-installer.nsi
	- NSIS script for building the Windows installer
	- requires NSIS and must be run on Windows
	- requires NSIS plugins in dev/nsis-dependencies
	- must run first before running this
	- output is in the "build" folder
	- recreates the manual
	- output is in dist/help
	- recreates the website
	- output is in dist/website
	- builds a Mac OS X disk image
	- must run first
	- must be run on Linux
	- output is in the "build" folder
- build-daemon.xml:
	- Ant file for building the DocFetcher daemon
	- probably stopped working a long time ago
	- deploys the website to the project webspace on
	- will automatically run
	- must specify user name and password

#	The DocFetcher Launchers
The DocFetcher launchers for all platforms can be found under dist/launchers.
The DocFetcher.exe launchers in that folder have been created with Launch4J,
according to the settings in dev/launch4j-config.txt, and using the icon file
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