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A Qt Creator plugin to get notified when your builds terminate and to track their stats
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A Qt Creator plugin to get notified when your builds terminate and to track their stats.

Project Status

Currently the plugin is usable and the project is under active development, but not ready for a proper release yet, hence no binary builds are available.

People who want to start to use SIGBUILD need to build it from scratch following the instruction in the Development section.

Because of the current status of the project, it's guaranteed only that SIGBUILD will work with the latest version of Qt Creator. Previous versions are likely to work too, but they are not officially supported, so please do not create issues for them.

Current features

  • Systray notifications
  • Audio notifications
  • Latest build info
  • Session log
  • Full Qt Creator options

Support this project

You can support the development of this project becoming a GitHub Sponsor.

That will allow me to spend more time on it and it will allow you to influence the development roadmap.


Currently the best way to use SIGBUILD is to build Qt Creator and then build the plugin. This will also automatically install it on your system.

Ideally you want to build SIGBUILD and Qt Creator against the same version of Qt and using the same (or compatible) compilter used to build the version of Qt Creator you run.

For example, Qt Creator 4.10.1 has been build against Qt 5.13.1 using gcc 5.3.1 on Linux and you should use a similar configuration when building Qt Creator and SIGBUILD.


Note that when installing Qt you will need at least the following 2 modules:

  • Desktop binaries (ex.: Desktop gcc 64bit)
  • Qt Script

How to build Qt Creator

From inside the cloned qt-creator directory:

  • Open
  • Build

How to build SIGBUILD

From inside the cloned SIGBUILD directory:

  • Open in Qt Creator
  • Set the following Build Environment variable for both Debug and Release configurations:
    • QTC_BUILD=/path/to/qtcreator/build
    • QTC_SOURCE=/path/to/qtcreator/sourcecode
  • Build

After restarting Qt Creator you will see the plugin active and running.

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