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+#Monday, April 23rd
+Reviewer: Moses Nakamura
+##The Verdict
+Delicious, good for groups of not too big size, because the restaurant is
+fairly small. One of the best ramen places in town.
+The Data Driven Modeling dinner crowd was having trouble deciding where to go.
+I suggested Waffel & Dinges, but people said they wanted something more
+substantive. Furthermore, we wouldn't have a good place to sit down with the
+waffle truck. I asked Jake Hofman whether he wanted to eat with us, but he
+thought I was asking where to eat, and he suggested Kitchenette. I think
+Kitchenette is not very much bang for your buck, and Vivek pointed out that
+Jin Ramen is pretty close by. Willie ditched us because he's a punk, but the
+rest of us went to Jin Ramen. There was a fifteen minute wait because our
+group was relatively large, but given that at the same time at Ippudo the wait
+would have been four times as long, I thought it was pretty reasonable. There
+isn't a big enough area inside to wait for five people, so we waited outside,
+since it wasn't too cold yet. A beggar came by while we were waiting and I
+instinctively moved aside to let him into our circle, which was, in retrospect,
+a bad move. We were seated at one of the legit tables, rather than at the bar,
+which was fun and great for talking, but I missed being able to see the chefs
+prepare the food. Kui asked me about my monetary policy, and Justin pointed
+out that the utility that we got out of our very small amounts of money that
+we make now is a lot more than the utility we would get out of the same amount
+of money in a few years.
+Overcast, cool for April, the air felt heavy and expectant, although it rained
+yesterday. Something is coming. It felt more like autumn than like spring.
+The food was damn good, although I thought my noodles were weird--more on that
+Variety is the spice of life. Salt is another spice of life. Each of us got
+one bowl of ramen, for obvious reasons.
+####Tonkotsu Ramen (1x + 1x kaedama)
+I got the miso ramen before, which was great and had an incredible diversity of
+flavors. I sort of thought of the miso ramen as the weird American ramen,
+since it had corn and other odd things in it, for example I don't think
+bok choy is a normal Japanese ramen topping. But enough about the miso ramen.
+I knew what it tasted like (quite good), so I decided to branch out a little.
+I ordered the tonkotsu, which Vivek mentioned had been good in the past.
+Indeed, Vivek was not fucking with me. The nori, which I saved for the end so
+that my kaedama was flavored by it, was great. The egg was great, and
+especially flavorful. They were soft boiled, and wikipedia tells me that they
+were steeped in soy sauce, mirin, and water. It probably boiled a little bit more in the ramen, because it was half cut open, and seemed relatively congealed for a soft-boiled egg. Anyway, it was great. Made me a little jealous of
+the shoyu ramen, to be honest. The char siu was incredible. The flavors were
+incredible. I almost couldn't believe I was just eating pork. It was fatty,
+but not disgustingly so, and even small bites packed enough punch to make it
+an enjoyable experience. I ate it bit by bit so that I could save flavor for
+my kaedama, but once it came, finishing the char siu was the first thing I did.
+The noodles were a little odd, I thought. They were very thin, which I have
+seen in ramen before, but I thought they tasted almost fruity. They didn't
+soak up the flavors of the broth as well as I had hoped they would. On the
+other hand, they were still damn good, although it made the dish a little
+thinner than I usually expect tonkotsu to be. Would eat again.
+Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This was shared over
+the entire table.
+####Kara-age (1x)
+Japanese-style fried chicken, it is sort of like popcorn chicken, except the
+herbs and spices and more delicious and secret and wonderful. It came with a
+side of cabbage, sort of like Japanese coleslaw. I should probably know what
+it's called, but I don't find it that incredible in general, so I've never
+investigated. The kara-age is salty, the breading is quite well done, and it
+has an interesting citrus-y flavor, which I think is yuzu. Basically, flavor
+crystals exploding in your mouth. Literally mouth-wateringly good. There was
+also a slice of lemon that as far as I could tell, only Kui and I took
+advantage of. The sourness went well with the saltiness, and I didn't feel
+like it drowned out the other flavors by any means.
+####Nankotsu Kara-age (1x)
+Literally fried chicken with cartilage. I wasn't that into the cartilage, even
+though Vivek said it was going to be great, and it was their specialty.
+I think cartilage is weird tasting, and it has an odd texture. I was not
+thrilled by this, although it had the same nice herbs and spices as the
+kara-age. I would have been happy just getting two kara-age. Still tasted
+good, but it was clearly inferior, and also more expensive than the kara-age.
+Didn't go, so no idea.
+Quite good. Much better than when I went before. We ordered out appetizers
+first and asked for more time for the entrees, and they were gone for a while
+after that, but I think that was a tactical error on our part, not a service
+error on theirs. Very easy to catch a server's eye, and although they forgot
+about Kui's kaedama, they were very quick about it when reminded. They did the
+trick of recording who ordered what so they didn't have to ask us who was
+expecting which dish, which I always appreciate.

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