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+% \usepackage{amssymb}
+% \usepackage{amsmath}
+% \usepackage{epsfig}
+\title{Venue recommendations based on foursquare checkins for a group}
+\author{Vivek Bhagwat\\
+When in a new area with a group of friends, it can be difficult to figure out what restaurant, bar, or caf\'e would be the best to go to ---
+and which place you would like the most. Foursquare has a rich set of data about venues and data about where individuals like to go.
+Using this individual's history and information about the venue, a simple recommendation engine can be built. While foursquare
+has built a recommendation engine called ``explore,'' this system has no ability to analyze data specific to the group. However,
+these data are not necessarily hard to collect --- it simply requires all users involved supplying access to their checkin history.
+Once these data are acquired, similar techniques can be used to training on a group's data as an individual's.
+Foursquare has an easy-to-use API with

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