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Solution to second problem using letter trigram
import re, collections
def product(xs): return reduce(lambda x, y: x*y, xs)
def two_letters(text): return re.findall('..', text.lower())
def train(lett_seq):
corp = collections.defaultdict(int)
for n, word in enumerate(lett_seq[2:]):
corp[(lett_seq[n], lett_seq[n+1], word)] += 1
corp['sum'] += 1
return corp
def prob(corpus, pair): return float((corpus[pair] + 1)) / (len(corpus) + corpus['sum'])
CORPUS = train((file('big.txt').read()))
def transpose(array):
width = len(array[0])
height = len(array)
return [[array[j][i] for j in range(height)] for i in range(width)]
def strip_corr(left, right): return product(prob(CORPUS, (l[-2], l[-1], r[0])) for l, r in zip(left, right))
def combine_strips(strips): return ''.join(map(''.join, transpose(strips)))
def reorder(strips):
closest_pair = max([(x,y) for x in strips for y in strips if x!= y], key=lambda (a, b): max(strip_corr(a, b), strip_corr(b, a)))
c1, c2 = closest_pair
correct = [c1, c2] if strip_corr(c1, c2) > strip_corr(c2, c1) else [c2, c1]
while strips:
left_max = max(strips, key=lambda x:strip_corr(x, correct[0]))
right_max = max(strips, key=lambda x:strip_corr(correct[-1], x))
if strip_corr(correct[-1], right_max) > strip_corr(left_max, correct[0]):
q = right_max
q = left_max
correct.insert(0, q)
return correct
def main():
f = open('input.txt')
lines = [l.strip().strip('|').split('|') for l in f]
print combine_strips(reorder(transpose(lines)))
if __name__ == '__main__':