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Omniture integration - react native
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Code Example

import RNOmniture from 'react-native-omniture'
RNOmniture.trackAction('anyString', {yourContextDataObj})


Adobe Android & iOS Mobile APIs exist for native android and iOS. So, exposing the same for React Native.


npm install --save github:vivekparekh8/react-native-omniture
Get libs for both from

  • For android, add your respective ADBMobileConfig.json for configuring your project under android/app/src/main/assets/
  • For iOS
  • add ADBMobile.h (downloaded from above url) to your React Native xcode project
  • add libsqlite.tbd, libsqlite3.0.tbd, AdobeMobileLibrary.a to dependencies (Link Binary with Libraries in Build Phases tab in xcode for each of your project targets)
  • Also, include your config JSON file in xcode project for each target

API Reference


Describe and show how to run the tests with code examples.


Let people know how they can dive into the project, include important links to things like issue trackers, irc, twitter accounts if applicable.


JAR file and .A file for adobe sdk are subject to adobe's repository on github.

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