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Sneak Past the Nytimes Paywall!
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Sneak past the New York TImes Paywall

Please visit this website to find the bookmarklet.

To use, simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, and click on it when you are presented with the paywall on an nytimes article.

How it works

The New York Times website only allows visitors to read about 10 articles for free every month, but even after this limit is reached, they still allow users to read content accessed via google and social networks. The website recognizes that a user has reached an article via google by looking at the Referrer header in the initial HTTP request. If the referrer is '', then the user is first sent to an empty page that has no content, but does two things: (1) sets the 'NYT-S' cookie to a special value that allows you to override the paywall, (2) redirects the user to the article he intended to reach. When the article is accessed the second time, the HTTP request for the article inlcludes the special 'NYT-S' cookie so the paywall is overridden. The server I have created on heroku tricks the nytimes website into giving giving the value of the NYT-S cookie. Once I have the value of this special cookie, I use it to make another request to nytimes for the correct article and feed the response to the user via the server. The bookmarklet simplifies this for the user by making it a one-click process.

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