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added reference to botskonet/jquery.formbuilder

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1 parent bcb3078 commit 3b4ad3bc1419e5b7055d75a4a614a4003d6b2c3e Anjana Somathilake committed May 26, 2012
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The jquery.Formbuilder plugin is a jQuery plugin that allows you add
-a form-creation, display, and basic validation tool into your application.
+a form-creation, display, and basic validation tool into your application....[botskonet/jquery.formbuilder]
-[anjana-somathilake / jquery.formbuilder]
-Feature: Ability to sort/reorder the option fields within form fields.
-Built on: Version 0.4 - 20111215
+anjana-somathilake/jquery.formbuilder is forked from botskonet/jquery.formbuilder
-Version 0.4 - 20111215
-- Removing old XML-based form loading system, moving to pure JSON
-- Removing internal serialization system in favor of json formatting
-- Adding example mysql storage methods to the load, save process (PDO-based so other databases may be used)
-- Incorporated a required attribute bug fix:
-- Dumped a ton of unnecessary complexity of encoding/decoding and array vars
-- Changed process() to return an array of errors, not a string
-- Added sample response saves to db, only on good validation
-Version 0.3.1 - 20110722
-- Corrected issue with reserved words breaking support for Safari, Opera, IE
-- Corrected issue with example-save expecting old POST key
-Version 0.3 - 20110619
-- Compatible with latest jQuery, jQueryUI and jquery.scrollTo
-- CSS moved into a separate file
-- Applied jsbeautifier and jshint on code
-- Added control box target element option
-- Added localization support
-- Improved dynamic loading, unique ID handling for multiple formbuilder-instances
-- Removed scrollTo dependency in favour of jQuery.animate()
-- Added json backend, to replace/as alternative to xml
-- Example html switched to latest html doctype
+Feature: Ability to sort/reorder the option fields within form fields.
+ (Works like
-Version 0.2 - 20100806
-- Upgraded to 1.4.2
-- Added ability to sort form fields.
-- Added in basic build scripts for easier releases
-- Minor code cleanup
-- Hash bug fix
+Built on: Version 0.4 - 20111215 of botskonet/jquery.formbuilder
-Version 0.1 - 20090922
-- Complete initial release using much of the functionality copied
-from AspenMSM, an excellent cms tool from Trellis Development.

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