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The jquery.Formbuilder plugin is a jQuery plugin that allows you add
a form-creation, display, and basic validation tool into your application.
-The API and example code has been left open for you to override, assuming that
-you want complete control over how the form data is saved and loaded. However
-we have provided some basic database loading/saving examples using PDO for MySQL.
-Please report all issues, bugs, and feature suggestions
-The tool interface is constructed using form data presented in JSON format
-by the server. The php class assists you with storing the data,
-generating the json, generating the html form, and processing the data.
-A demo of this version may be found at
-Please feel free to fork the project and provide patches back.
-Please let us know how you're using this product!
[anjana-somathilake / jquery.formbuilder]
Feature: Ability to sort/reorder the option fields within form fields.
+Built on: Version 0.4 - 20111215

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