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Ash Ra Template Leiningen Plugin

Leiningen plugin for rendering Ash Ra Template .art templates.

Clojars Project


Provided one or more ART template files, the art Leiningen task writes rendered output to a specified output dir.

In Leiningen project.clj:

  :art {:templates    COLL-OF-FILES
        :bindings     SEQ-OF-MAP-VAR-EDN-FILE
        :delimiters   MAP
        :dependencies MAP
        :output-dir   DIR}


  # Rendered output written to target/index.html
  :art {:templates [""]}

  # Renders all .art template files in the content/ directory to out/cdn/
  :art {:templates (filter (#.endsWith (.getName %) ".art")
                           (file-seq ( "content")))

        :bindings     [{:manufacturer     "Acme Inc."          # Map literal
                        :manufacture-year "2019"}
                               # Var, value is a map
                       "data/tabular.edn"]                     # EDN file; top-level form is a map


        :dependencies {'hiccup {:mvn/version "1.0.5"}
                       'com.acme.core {:mvn/version "1.0.0"    # Use local project from within template code
                                       :local/root  "."}}

        :output       "out/cdn"}

Command-line usage:

  $ lein art [template-file ...] [options]

and options:

  -b, --bindings EDN-OR-VAR              Bindings made available to templates for symbol resolution
  -d, --delimiters EDN-OR-VAR    erb     Template delimiters
      --dependencies EDN-OR-VAR          Clojure deps map
  -o, --output-dir DIR           target  Write rendered files to DIR

From the CLI, the art Lein task takes a list of file paths to .art files (ART templates) and options. CLI arguments can be freely mixed.

Depending on what types of values a particular option accepts and whether ART is running from within Lein or from a command-line invocation, ART attempts to interpret each argument in the following order:

  1. As a map literal.
  2. As the (un-)qualified name of a var.
  3. As a path to an EDN file.
  4. As an EDN literal.

bindings are processed in order of appearance where symbol redefinitions clobber prior values. This might be important to you in the event of collisions.

output-dir will be created if necessary. The .art filename extension is stripped from the rendered output filenames. For example, is rendered to the file index.html. Output files will overwrite files that exist with the same filenames.


Run the tests with

lein test


© Copyright Vivid Inc. EPL licensed.

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