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Simple command-line utility to convert CSV files to searchable and sortable HTML table. Supports large datasets and horizontal scrolling for large number of columns.


Here is a demo of sample csv file converted to HTML table.


pip install --upgrade csvtotable

Get started

csvtotable --help

Convert data.csv file to data.html file

csvtotable data.csv data.html

Open output file in a web browser instead of writing to a file

csvtotable data.csv --serve


-c,  --caption          Table caption
-d,  --delimiter        CSV delimiter. Defaults to ','
-q,  --quotechar        Quote chracter. Defaults to '"'
-dl, --display-length   Number of rows to show by default. Defaults to -1 (show all rows)
-o,  --overwrite        Overwrite the output file if exists. Defaults to false.
-s,  --serve            Open html output in a web browser.
-h,  --height           Table height in px or in %. Default is 75% of the page.
-p,  --pagination       Enable/disable pagination. Enabled by default.
-vs, --virtual-scroll   Number of rows after which virtual scroll is enabled. Default is set to 1000 rows.
                        Set it to -1 to disable and 0 to always enable.
-nh, --no-header        Show default headers instead of picking first row as header. Disabled by default.
-e,  --export           Enable filtered rows export options.
-eo, --export-options   Enable specific export options. By default shows all.
                        For multiple options use -eo flag multiple times. For ex. -eo json -eo csv



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