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		(C) 2004-2013 Laurent Vivier

	All files are distributed under the terms of GPL license. See COPYING.

This tool allows to generate a floppy bootable on early macintoshes (680x0 
based macintoshes).

In the booter, is embedded the kernel found in top directory under the name of 
"vmlinux". It has been generated previously in linux source tree with 
"make vmlinux". If a ramdisk (ramdisk.gz) is found, it is also added in
the floppy image.

This work is based on the penguin booter for mac68k, on linux kernel, and 
perhaps on the ppc booter BootX.

Some problems can appear when there is no physical memory in the first bank.

All mechanisms found in "penguin" have not been implemented in EMILE.
You can ask me if one is missing for you :-P

This work has only be tested on a MacIIci with 8 x 4 MB RAM, a Two-Page Display,
and ethernet card sonic.

Have fun
Laurent Vivier <Laurent@Vivier.EU>