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Save the pdf file via Headless Chrome and Vivliostyle.


npm install -g vivliostyle-savepdf


Usage: savepdf [options] <input>

  -V, --version                output the version number
  -b, --book                   load document as book mode
                               It can load multi-HTML documents such as an unzipped EPUB and a Web Publication.
                               Please see also
  --no-sandbox                 launch chrome without sandbox (use this option to avoid ECONNREFUSED error)
  -r, --root <root_directory>  specify assets root path (default directory of input file)
  --preview                    open preview page and save PDF interactively
                               If preview option is set, options below this line will be ignored.
  -o, --output <output_file>   specify output file path (default output.pdf) (default: "output.pdf")
  -s, --size <size>            output pdf size (ex: 'A4' 'JIS-B5' '182mm,257mm' '8.5in,11in')
  -t, --timeout <time>         timeout times for waiting Vivliostyle process (default: 60s)
  -h, --help                   output usage information


Licensed under AGPL Version 3.

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