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Other improvements

Updated Aug 25, 2019

Other improvements, such as error handling, testing, build & package, UI, etc.

Web standards

Updated Aug 26, 2019

Support for Web standards, such as HTML and CSS standard features on modern browsers, excluding CSS features that can be categorized in other projects

Layout enhancement

Updated Aug 24, 2019

Layout enhancement, support for advanced layout spec, CSS Page Floats, CSS Grid Layout, CSS Multi-column Layout, etc.


Updated Aug 29, 2019

Bugs on layout, not working as per the CSS spec, etc.


Updated Aug 24, 2019

Issues on typography, support for CSS Text 3, CSS Text 4, CSS Fonts, etc.

Input formats

Updated Aug 25, 2019

Support for input document formats, such as EPUB, Web publications, etc., and embedding media types, such as MathML etc.

PDF printing

Updated Aug 24, 2019

Issues on PDF output and printing

Paged media

Updated Aug 26, 2019
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