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HTML+CSS typesetting and rich paged viewing with EPUB/Web publications support.

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🌏 Vivliostyle website
📖 Documentation
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Official Packages

Vivliostyle Core vivliostyle-core

Vivliostyle can be installed from npm:

npm install @vivliostyle/core

See API Reference.

Vivliostyle Viewer vivliostyle-viewer

Download the Vivliostyle Viewer package from and follow the instruction in it.

Alos see Vivliostyle Viewer User’s Guide for further information.

Vivliostyle CLI vivliostyle-cli

See Vivliostyle CLI, the save PDF command line tool with Vivliostyle and headless Chrome.


Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Please report on GitHub Issues.


list of contributors, generated from git shortlog -sn.

  • MurakamiShinyu
  • unageanu
  • kwkbtr
  • Satoshi KOJIMA
  • Shinyu Murakami
  • Shota Kubota
  • Johannes Wilm
  • spring-raining
  • Peter Sorotokin
  • Satoshi Kojima
  • Satoru MATSUSHIMA (℠)
  • Yasuaki Uechi
  • kubosho
  • U-birksu\peter
  • spring_raining
  • Masaya Yamauchi
  • takanakahiko
  • Hiroshi Hatake
  • Florian Rivoal
  • Seiya Konno
  • nulltask


Licensed under AGPL Version 3.

Vivliostyle is implemented based on Peter Sorotokin's EPUB Adaptive Layout implementation, which is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.

Vivliostyle contains following components:

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