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Vivliostyle Core

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JavaScript Library for HTML+CSS typesetting and rich paged viewing with EPUB/Web publications support.

Try Vivliostyle

Vivliostyle Viewer samples

Bug reports & feature requests

Please send them to

Use Vivliostyle

Vivliostyle Viewer

Download the Vivliostyle Viewer from and follow the instruction in it.

See Vivliostyle Viewer User’s Guide

See for source code of the Viewer.

Vivliostyle CLI

Check ouut vivliostyle-cli, a command line tool armed with Vivliostyle and headless Chrome to generate PDF from source file.

Integrate Vivliostyle.js with web site

Vivliostyle can be installed via npm:

npm install @vivliostyle/core

See API Reference.


See Vivliostyle Development Guide.


Licensed under AGPL Version 3.

Vivliostyle is implemented based on Peter Sorotokin's EPUB Adaptive Layout implementation, which is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.

Vivliostyle contains following components:

Other Documentation

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