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VIVO Tools

Several tools have been developed for working with VIVO data, principally to facilitate data ingest and updating or to streamline re-use of data from VIVO in other applications. Most of these tools are available in the VIVO repository.

These tools are in various stages of maturity -- please note any README files or other indicators by the authors.

Tools developed and shared to date include:

Connectors from VIVO to other applications:

  • CTSAFedSearch is a federated search tool that accesses VIVO and other CTSA researcher profile applications across the country (James Pence)

  • PHPVIVO is an example code of using VIVO's linked data to pull a staff directory from VIVO for a department website (James Pence)

  • VIVOtoWordPress, an alpha connector from VIVO to WordPress (Dale Scheppler)

  • OrgCrawler, a tool written in R to query a VIVO instance and generate a graphical view of the organizational hierarchy under a root organization URI (Alex Rockwell).

Notable additional projects maintained outside of the VIVO Sourceforge site:

Please contact us if you wish to nominate additional tools for listing here.