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Full release notes are available on the VIVO wiki:

Installation instructions are here:

Notes for upgrades from previous versions are here:

Fixes to GEMET and LCSH research areas

LCSH integration has been upgraded to work with the current web service, and GEMET has been migrated to the SSL interface.

Thanks to Huda Khan for her work on this.

Fixes for ORCID integration and creating new items

Dependencies have been updated to address an ORCID integration issue, and a minor problem affecting the creation of new items has been addressed.


For the binary release, please download the vivo-1.9.2.tar.gz (or vivo-1.9.2.zip) file.

For the full java source code, please download the vivo-full-1.9.2.tar.gz (or vivo-full-1.9.2.zip) file.

VIVO 1.9.x documentation

For installation, upgrade and usage instructions, please visit the VIVO documentation: