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Gapminder Vizabi

You can contribute to the development of tools or the framework. Read the manual how we collaborate

Running vizabi locally


Vizabi depends on Git and Npm.

  1. Install git
  2. Install nodejs

Building barebones Vizabi with preview page

Clone this repo and vizabi-preview, so that they end up in the adjacent folders.
Go to vizabi. Run npm install
Go to vizabi-preview. Run npm install, npm link ../vizabi, npm start
Open browser on http://localhost:8080/

In order to only build the project for distribution/publishing, run npm run build in vizabi
The build output will be under build/ folder.

Building Vizabi with tools and preview page

Vizabi tools are now moved to their own repos. To build the tools, clone them into respective folders next to vizabi and vizabi-preview, run npm install in each tool folder.

Go to vizabi-preview, run npm link ../vizabi-tool-name, npm start

For convenience we have a script, that links all the tools. You can edit it so that it only includes tools you've cloned and run it by calling npm run link