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VizSec web site

All source files are in the root directory to comply with Github Pages. The VizSec website uses Jekyll to generate the raw html and resources.

Using Docker

Check the version of jekyll on github pages and use that below:

Then to start a jekyll server:

export JEKYLL_VERSION=3.8.5
docker run --rm --volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll" -p 4000:4000 -it jekyll/jekyll:$JEKYLL_VERSION jekyll serve

Or, to build a static site:

export JEKYLL_VERSION=3.8.5
docker run --rm --volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll" -it jekyll/jekyll:$JEKYLL_VERSION jekyll build

Then you can use a web server to serve the pages in _site. To use armor armor --root ./_site or docker run --rm --volume "$PWD/_site:/srv" -p 4000:2015 -it abiosoft/caddy:1.0.0

And open a browser to http://localhost:4000

Using Ruby


  • Ruby - Required by Jekyll; OSX already has Ruby, Linux and Windows don't. On Linux at least you'll need apt-get instal ruby-dev too for the headers
  • Bundler gem install bundler
  • Jekyll - gem install jekyll


bundle install

Deploying to a Github Pages setup

Everything is now managed by Jekyll. Running:

jekyll build

...will build the site into _site, as per Jekyll defaults. jekyll serve for local testing.

Pushing the whole repository to a Github Pages-compliant repository will host the site there.


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