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Vizzu - Library for animated data visualizations and data stories.

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About The Project

Vizzu is a free, open-source Javascript/C++ library utilizing a generic dataviz engine that generates many types of charts and seamlessly animates between them. It can be used to create static charts but more importantly it is designed for building animated data stories and interactive explorers as Vizzu enables showing different perspectives of the data that the viewers can easily follow due to the animation.

Main features:

  • Designed with animation in focus;
  • Defaults based on data visualization guidelines;
  • Automatic data aggregation & data filtering;
  • HTML5 canvas rendering;
  • Written in C++ compiled to WebAssembly;
  • Dependency-free.


Install via npm:

npm install vizzu

Or use it from CDN:

<script type="module">
import Vizzu from '';


Create a placeholder element that will contain the rendered chart:

<div id="myVizzu" style="width:800px; height:480px;"></div>

Create a simple bar chart:

import Vizzu from '';

let data = {
  series: [
    { name: 'Foo', values: ['Alice', 'Bob', 'Ted'] },
    { name: 'Bar', values: [15, 32, 12] },
    { name: 'Baz', values: [5, 3, 2] }

let chart = new Vizzu('myVizzu', { data });
  x: 'Foo',
  y: 'Bar'

Then turn it into a scatter plot:

  color: 'Foo',
  x: 'Baz', 
  geometry: 'circle' 

Try it!

Example chart


We welcome contributions to the project, visit our wiki page for further info.

3rd Party Projects

List of external projects (plugins, templates, integrations) for Vizzu: Projects.



Copyright © 2021 Vizzu Kft..

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.