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# To Do list for ELIPS
0. Unit tests
1. Retire operation support (work in engine) [Done]
2. Garbage Collection
2.1. Introduce life time for Working Memory Element (WME)
2.2. Elaborate eviction policies
2.3. Implement GC server
2.4. Implement 'linking' of a facts to processes.
I.e. some asserted fact may have sense only
while some process is alive and must be retired
(or replaced by some other asserts) when process
3. Elaborate more memory effective architecture of a Working Memory (WM)
Note: It seems it is a good idea to have an explicit
Alpha memory (AM) as a separated ETS where each fact
have an integer index. Beta memory (BM) in this case
contains tokens as a lists of integers.
4. Its probably a good idea to have a clauses args reversed
(work in builder) to avoid lists:reverse or ++ operations in engine.
5. Give access to alpha memory form a call back module
6*. Back tracking & goal satisfaction
Known Bugs [fixed]
1. LHS patterns not connected by variables i.e. having more that one
connected components by vars are incorrectly handled.
2. The order of alpha forms in a last beta node may differ from
order in original rule LHS pattern, e.g.: