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A backend system for event logging, real time analisys and decision assistance.

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Erlang Log Machine.


This application is designed to help to:

  • collect events (i.e. event logging)
  • manage event logging
  • effective access to events logged
  • analyze events in a real time and making a decisions

in an Erlang clusters. Someone may use this system just as a back end for an error logging. Someone may go further and construct a system for health monitoring and automatic healing feature based this system. Also one of the real usages of this system is a quote logging.


Main components of a system are:

  • receiver
  • recorder
  • cacher
  • subscription manager
  • locator



Integrate into your project

This is a rebar'ized project, so, if you are already using rebar, just insert a reference to this git repo at your rebar.config. Otherwise clone this repo, and run erl -make.



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