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TheRunAround - The Rails Way

Facebook The Run Around app, done in Rails.


This assumes we're installing to an Apache Phusion Passenger stack.

  1. Clone the app:

    git clone git://

  2. Edit your Passenger configuration to point to the app, and reload your Apache:

    <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot "/opt/code/therunaround/public" ServerName trr ErrorLog "logs/therunaround-error_log" CustomLog "logs/therunaround-access_log" common RailsEnv development

     <Directory "/opt/code/therunaround/public">
         Order deny,allow
         Allow from all
  3. Prepare your database:

    rake db:migrate

Facebook Configuration

  1. Get a publicly available host:
  • static IP

You can generally get by without a publicly available host with some reduced functionality (FB callbacks won't be working but it's not fatal): just make sure your local settings are configured correctly (/etc/hosts or similar).

  1. Add the Developer Application.

  2. Create a New Facebook Application.

  3. Update the Facebook Application settings to point to your publicly available host. Example settings (lets say your app is hosted at )

Authentication Tab. Enter Post-Authorize Callback URL, e.g.

Canvas Tab. Enter Canvas Page URL, e.g. run_example_com Enter Canvas Callback URL, e.g.

Connect Tab. Enter Connect URL,

Advanced Tab. Set Application Type as Web.

  1. Edit the facebooker.yml file to reflect your Facebook Application settings page: set api_key, secret_key, canvas_page_name (copy the last part of the Canvas Page URL from the Canvas tab), callback url (that's Canvas Callback URL from FB settings), and set set_asset_host_to_callback_url to false.

== License

The Run Around app is released under the MIT license.

== Support

Feel free to send bug reports or questions to us at . We also provide consulting services to enable Facebook Connect on Rails sites.