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Project Three, Frogger game (Udacity)
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Students should use this rubric:!/c-ud015/l-3072058665/m-3072588797 for self-checking their submission.

This game makes use of the following files: (this file) index.html (open this file in your browser) css/style.css images folder contents js/app.js (the main code file) js/engine.js (the game engine provided for project) js/resources.js (image loading utility provided for project)

INSTRUCTIONS: To run the game in your browser, please open index.html in your favorite browser. Make your selections, and play the game.

In this game of Udacity Frogger, the goal is to collect as many gems or stars as you can without getting hit by the enemy bug cars. Use the up, side, and down arrows to move around the screen.

Victoria Daphnee Jeffrey, February 2015

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