Experiment: Can we write a collaborative Javascript presentation?
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I, Christopher Chedeau am currently a student at EPITA. It's a computer science school with is a high focus on C and C++. Many students feel that low-level C is the holy grail and web development, with its dynamic language Javascript, is only good for noobs. I am going to make a 1 hour conference in order to prove them wrong!

While I could go the standard way and write the slides myself, I believe that the spirit of the web is community. This is why I would like to start an experiment: Can we write together slides for a Javascript presentation?

Let me see!

The latest version of the presentation is available here:

I will answer comments and questions on the Hacker News thread. I will update my Twitter @Vjeux with updates. If you have any question, vjeuxx@gmail.com is my mail, gtalk and msn address.


The public:

  • 3rd-5th year students in a Computer Science school
  • They know very well about programming (no need to explain loops)
  • They know very well about C & C++

The content:

What this presentation is not about:

  • HTML5 features (WebGl, Audio ...) and libraries in general. (You can use them as examples however).
  • The bad parts: the goal is to promote Javascript :)
  • CoffeeScript
  • Learning how to program

How to contribute?

Let's say you want to add a slide about memoization:

  • Fork the project
  • Copy slides/hook.html to slides/memoization.html (Note: Change memoization by the name of your technique ...)
  • Open index.html and add the file
  /* Add your slides here */
  // ...
  • See the presentation at http://username.github.com/jsCollaborativePresentation
  • Edit slides/memoization.html to make it rock!
  • Commit
  • In your github project page, click the Pull Request link at the top right
  • Fill a short description and submit

You are done! Just give me some minutes to merge it with the live repo :)

Final Remarks

  • The name of all the contributors will appear in the last slide.
  • I will make the talk during September and record it. It will be in French. (I wish I could present it in English during the jsConf.eu!)
  • I'm pretty sure some people will ask what license the presentation is ... I have no idea, please suggest one :)
  • I reserve the right to forge the final presentation as I wish. Sorry in advance if your slides are edited / not taken.

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