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C++ has a new standard called C++0x (Wikipedia, Bjarne Stroustrup) that includes many interesting features such as Lambda, For Each, List Initialization ... Those features are so powerful that they allow to write C++ as if it was Javascript.

The goal of this project is to transform C++ into Javascript. We want to be able to copy & paste Javascript into C++ and be able to run it. While this is not 100% feasible, the result is quite amazing.

This is only a prototype. In about 600 lines of code we manage to make the core of the Javascript language.

Read the full description on my blog ==============


  • May 11 2011 - Removed var in catch(var e). Removed _() in throw _("e"). This and New can be written in lowercase.
  • April 26 2011 - for (var key : obj) is now for (var key in obj). Thanks Rip-Rip