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Azure Functions v2 .NET Core DEMO

02-bindings-demo - output-demo

This example is about how to use output bindings - Function ServiceBusOutputBindingFunction listens on HTTP request and as result writes to ServiceBus queue.

Everything important happens in Function argument definition:

             Connection = "dotnettalks-servicebus-playground_SERVICEBUS", 
             EntityType = EntityType.Queue)] 
             ICollector<string> outputSbQueue,

First parameter with value items-to-process defines queue name in ServiceBus.

Connection parameter represents connection string to ServiceBus.

Important - this parameter is not directly value with connection string, but it is key for JSON in local.settings.json. So you have to create corresponding value in local.settings.json:


    "dotnettalks-servicebus-playground_SERVICEBUS": "----YOUR-CONNECTION-STRING----",


There is example in local.settings.json.template file.