Gather gem lib and bin files under one directory for fast loading and predictable behavior.
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The crown program gathers gem lib and bin files under one directory for fast loading and predictable behavior. For example:

[~/tmp] crown -v mygems json nokogiri sinatra

The gems are copied under mygems:

[~/tmp] ls mygems
bin  ext  lib
[~/tmp] ls mygems/lib
action-nokogiri.rb  json.rb   nokogiri.rb  rack.rb  sinatra.rb
json                nokogiri  rack         sinatra  xsd

The output of 'crown -v' shows you which gems (and versions) it is gathering, including all dependencies, and it shows you the PATH and RUBYLIB you need to use those files:

[~/tmp] export RUBYOPT=''
[~/tmp] export RUBYLIB=/home/vjoel/tmp/mygems/ext:/home/vjoel/tmp/mygems/ext/json/ext:/home/vjoel/tmp/mygems/lib
[~/tmp] ruby -r json -e 'p JSON'


  • You can stop requiring 'rubygems' and you don't need RUBYOPT='rubygems'. There are no runtime dependencies on rubygems.

  • Lookups for required files should be faster.

  • No chance that "gem update" or "gem cleanup" might break your program.

  • You can distribute the "crown of gems" with your program.


  • Either symlink files (-s switch) or copy files (the default).

  • Include other non-gem files using dest:file syntax.

  • Existing files in the target dir are not touched if they are not in the way.

  • Works correctly even with gems that have strange require_path lists, like json.

  • No dirs are ever deleted or replaced.

  • A file is written only if either it doesn't already exist in the target dir or you specify the force (-f) switch.

  • The verify (-V) mode checks whether the target dir looks like it has had the crown command run on it with the given arguments.

  • Dry-run (-n) and verbose (-v, -vv) options, as in FileUtils

See the help (-h) for details, license, version, and contact information.

This software is not fully tested on all gems; please test carefully before using in production environments.