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htmlize version 1.47

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Vagn Johansen authored
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site-lisp htmlize version 1.47
.gitignore (vj-full.el): Added (global-set-key (kbd "ESC <f12>")
Makefile "make help" was incorrect
ac-source-sql.el remove M-s binding. ac-source-sql: complete after .
bin-detect.el cleanup
context-info.el context-info: only update if different from previous header line (equal)
helm-vps.el Fix helm sources (hopefully)
helm-w32-app.el Remove (require 'anything-vps) dont steal M-f1 in ac / Qt includes
prog-mode.el Do not touch background color for v24. Added some F# support
sample-dot-emacs.el fix vj-browse-url. Added mic-paren.el
tempo-c-cpp.el cleanup; Load axml files as XML
tempo-javascript.el c-m-aa bound to just-one-space. Added tempo-javascript.el Support .R and .m in extensions in
vj-copy-paste.el tempfile is always in ~
vj-csharp.el omnisharp keybindings
vj-full.el cuda / use company-files instead of fnexpand
vj-functions.el New functions adjust-fg-colors and adjust-bg-colors
vj-grep.el misc
vj-helm-simple-git-grep.el Fix helm sources (hopefully)
vj-helm.el New function vjo-toggle-csharp-file
vj-init.el cleanup
vj-load.el cleanup
vj-magit.el New file vj-magit.el: vj-git-diff and unicode * Remove unused variable in perl scripts
vj-prog.el cleanup first word must be lowercased Remove unused variable in perl scripts
vj-set-key.el New function vj-mark-paragraph
vj-std-essentials.el misc: indent-tabs-mode (use setq-default) ..
vj-std-extras.el added misc thinkpad
vps.el Do not touch background color for v24. Added some F# support


Vagns emacs lisp config files.

Well, not really this is a stripped down version for public
consumption. MORE WILL COME LATER.

Quick Start

  mkdir ~/site-lisp
  cd ~/site-lisp
  git clone git://
  cp ~/site-lisp/emacs-config/sample-dot-emacs.el ~/.emacs
  mkdir ~/elisp
  C-x r j e   (loads the machine specific elisp file from ~/elisp AKA my-lisp-dir)

If necessary setup exec-path and PATH first in .emacs:

  ;; Windows example (MSYS-Git has grep.exe and other useful tools)
  (add-to-list 'exec-path "c:/tools/Git/bin" t)
  (setenv "PATH" (concat (getenv "PATH") ";c:\\tools\\Git\\bin"))

Create a .emacs with (or just copy this from sample-dot-emacs.el)

  (add-to-list 'load-path "~/path/to/emacs-config/")
  ;; optionally change my-lisp-dir via defvar (default is "~/elisp")
  (load "vj-init")

The following registers have set up for quickly opening config files. Use
C-x r j <letter>:

| Letter | File                                |
| e      | vj-machine-specific-elisp-file      |
| s      | vj-system-type-specific-elisp-file  |
| E      | "~/.emacs" or "~/ .emacs.d/init.el" |
| c      | custom-file                         |

The custom file will have a machine specific name.

License: GPL
(unless otherwise specified)

The site-lisp directory contain compies of elisp files from
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