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# Vagn Johansen 2007 (C)
use DB_File;
use strict;
my $inputSymbol = shift @ARGV;
my $symbol = lc($inputSymbol);
my @projects = @ARGV or die "Usage: perl $0 symbol vps-project-name(s)\n";
my $no_matches = 1;
print " Hi"."-lock: ((\":.*\\\\($inputSymbol\\\\)\" (1 (quote 'vj-grep-match) t)))\n";
# ^---- split to avoid problem when viewing this file in Emacs
my $dir = "$ENV{HOME}/.emacs.d/vps";
for my $project (@projects)
my %database;
tie %database, 'DB_File', "$dir/$project.db";
%database or die "$0: tie $dir/$project.db failed\n\nUse M-x vps-make-index RET\n\n";
$database{$symbol} or do {print "\nSymbol $symbol not in $project index\n"; next;};
$no_matches = 0;
my @ids = split(/-/, $database{$symbol});
@ids = splice(@ids, 1); # skip first
my %unique_ids;
@unique_ids{@ids} = (1) x @ids;
my %filenames_by_dir;
for (map { $database{"-$_"} } keys %unique_ids) {
push @{$filenames_by_dir{$1}}, $2;
for my $dir (keys %filenames_by_dir) {
my $filenames= join(" ",@{$filenames_by_dir{$dir}});
print "\nEntering directory `$dir'\n";
chdir $dir or warn "chdir $dir failed: $!";
my $output = `grep -niH \"\\b$symbol\\b\" $filenames`;
print $output;
if ($output eq "") {
print "$dir:0: Stale index: $filenames\ngrep *\n";
my $output = `grep -niH \"\\b$symbol\\b\" *`;
print $output;
print "Leaving directory `$dir'\n";
untie %database;
exit $no_matches;
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