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;;; vps.el --- Define a project (set of dirs) and handle tags, grep etc.
;; Copyright (C) 2003-2012 Vagn Johansen
;;; Commentary:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
;; the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be
;; useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
;; PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
;; License along with this program; if not, write to the Free
;; Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
;; MA 02111-1307 USA
;; Installation:
;; (require 'vps)
;; (vps-init "\M-i") ;; \M-i is default key-prefix
;; ;; Define projects
;; (vps-add-project "vjo_elisp"
;; '((dirs ("c:/vjo/setup/emacs/" "c:/tools/emacs-21.3/site-lisp"))
;; (ext ("el"))
;; (file-cache-add t)))
;; (vps-add-project "Emacs_load-path" `((dirs ,load-path) (ext ("el"))))
;; (vps-add-project "C++" '((rdirs ("/src/project-root" "/usr/include"))))
;;; History:
;; Added python version of
;; Use (setq vps-vgrep-call (concat "python " (locate-library "")))
;; (setq null-device nil) ;; Do not append NUL to grep command calls
;;; Code:
(require 'compile)
(require 'etags)
(require 'dired-x)
(require 'grep)
(defun vps-ensure-trailing-slash (dir)
(replace-regexp-in-string "\\([^/\\]\\)$" "\\1/" dir))
(defun vps-chomp (str)
"Remove trailing newline a la Perls chomp function."
(replace-regexp-in-string "[\015\012]+\\'" "" str))
(defun vps-file-last-modified-duration (filename)
"Return seconds from now to last modified for FILENAME."
(let ((mtime (nth 5 (file-attributes filename))))
(time-to-seconds (time-since mtime))))
;;(eval-when-compile (require 'c-includes))
(defgroup vps nil
"Project settings (grepping, tags building, etc) via directory sets."
:link '(url-link "")
:group 'convenience)
(defcustom vps-alist nil
"Contains alls vps project definitions. Use vps-add-project to add projects.
(vps-add-project \"name\"
'((dirs (\"~/dir1\" \"~/dir2\"))
(rdirs (\"~/topdir3\")
(ext (\"c\" \"h\")))))
Don't use customize."
:type '(alist :key-type string
:value-type (alist :key-type symbol :value-type sexp))
:group 'vps)
(defcustom vps-change-project-hook nil
"Hook that is run when the project is changed."
:type 'hook
:group 'vps)
(defcustom vps-write-file-list-hook nil
"Hook that is run when all filenames have been inserted.
Useful for removing build filenames from the list:
(add-hook 'vps-write-file-list-hook
(lambda ()
(goto-char (point-min))
(flush-lines \"/build/\")))
:type 'hook
:group 'vps)
(defcustom vps-max-tags-age-in-days 3
"Max allowed age of tags file for current or selected project before rebuilding."
:type 'integer
:group 'vps)
(defcustom vps-max-rdirs-cache-age-in-days 6
"Max allowed age of directory cache file for current project or selected before rebuilding."
:type 'integer
:group 'vps)
(defvar vps-project-dir "~/.emacs.d/vps")
(defvar vps-perl-program "perl")
(defvar vps-default-setting-alist
(ext ("c" "cpp" "cxx" "cc" "h" "hpp" "el"))
(auto-build-tags t)
(file-cache-add nil)
(setup-function nil)
(filename-pregexp nil)
) "Fallback values for projects. Update with vps-add-default-setting")
(defvar vps-vgrep-call
(concat vps-perl-program " "
(or (locate-library "") "-S"))
"Command line for calling program.")
;; Internal globals
(defvar vps-project-name nil "Current project.")
(defvar vps-last-tags-filename "")
(defvar vps-rdir-cache nil)
(defvar vps-rdir-cache-timestamp nil)
(defvar vps-vj-search-index-program nil "Cached location of search program")
(defun vps-init (&optional key-prefix)
"Set default keybindings and hooks.
Optional argument KEY-PREFIX overrides builtin M-i."
;; (setq imenu-scanning-message nil)
(unless key-prefix (setq key-prefix "\M-i"))
(if (not (keymapp (lookup-key global-map key-prefix)))
(global-unset-key key-prefix))
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "\M-i") 'vps-auto-change-project)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "i") 'vps-auto-change-project)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "\M-g") 'vps-grep)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "\M-o") 'vps-compile)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "g") 'vps-grep-ignore-case)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "s") 'vps-grep-via-index)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "l") 'vps-list-dirs)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "u") 'vps-add-to-c-includes-path)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "c") 'vps-change-project)
(global-set-key (concat key-prefix "d") 'vps-virtual-dired)
;; (add-hook 'find-file-hooks ' vps-detect-project-change t)
;; (remove-hook 'find-file-hooks 'vps-detect-project-change)
;; Create project directory if necessary
(unless (file-directory-p (vps-project-dir))
(if (y-or-n-p (format "vps: Create *required* project directory: %s "
(make-directory (vps-project-dir) t)))
(defun vps-add-default-setting (setting settingdef)
"Define a setting called SETTING with a setting definition SETTINGDEF."
(let ((entry (assoc setting vps-default-setting-alist)))
(if (not entry)
(setq vps-alist (cons (cons setting settingdef)
;;else: modifying existing definition
(setcdr entry settingdef)
(defun vps-completing-read (&rest args)
"Like `completing-read' but send TAB so candidates are listed immediately.
Optional argument ARGS is the list of possible completions."
(let ((unread-command-events (cons ?\t unread-command-events)))
(apply 'completing-read args)))
(defun vps-icompleting-read (prompt choices)
(let ((iswitchb-make-buflist-hook
(lambda ()
(setq iswitchb-temp-buflist choices))))
(iswitchb-read-buffer prompt)))
(defun vps-all-sub-directories (directory)
"Return all directories recursively below DIRECTORY."
(let ((sub-dirs) (dir (vps-ensure-trailing-slash directory)))
(dolist (maybe-dir (directory-files
t ; FULL
"^[^\\.]" ; Ignore ^\.*
(when (file-directory-p maybe-dir)
(add-to-list 'sub-dirs maybe-dir)
(setq sub-dirs (append sub-dirs (vps-all-sub-directories maybe-dir)))))
(defun vps-detect-project-change ()
(let* ((proj-list (vps-get-project-list (buffer-file-name)))
(proj-count (length proj-list)))
(if proj-list
(if (member vps-project-name proj-list)
(message "%s belongs to current project: %s"
(file-name-nondirectory buffer-file-name)
(message "Suggest project change to %s"
(mapconcat 'identity proj-list " or "))))))
(defun vps-add-project (name projdef)
"Define a project called NAME with a project definition PROJDEF."
(unless (listp (cadr (assoc 'dirs projdef)))
(error "dirs setting must be a list"))
(unless (listp (cadr (assoc 'rdirs projdef)))
(error "rdirs setting must be a list"))
(let ((entry (assoc name vps-alist)))
(if (not entry)
(setq vps-alist (cons (cons name projdef) vps-alist))
;;else: Modifying existing definition
(let ((vps-project-name name))
(if (file-exists-p (vps-tags-filename))
(delete-file (vps-tags-filename)))
(if (file-exists-p (vps-dirlist-filename))
(delete-file (vps-dirlist-filename)))
(if (file-exists-p (vps-filelist-filename))
(delete-file (vps-filelist-filename)))
(if (file-exists-p (vps-alldirslist-filename))
(delete-file (vps-alldirslist-filename)))
(if (file-exists-p (vps-index-db-filename))
(delete-file (vps-index-db-filename))))
(setq vps-rdir-cache-timestamp nil)
(setcdr entry projdef)
(defun vps-strip-slash (dirname)
"Remove trailing slash from DIRNAME."
(replace-regexp-in-string "[/\\\\]$" "" dirname)
(defun vps-same-dir (dir1 dir2)
"Are DIR1 and DIR2 the same dir regardless of case and trailing slashes?"
(downcase (vps-strip-slash dir1))
(downcase (vps-strip-slash dir2))))
(defun vps-project-dir ()
(expand-file-name vps-project-dir))
(defun vps-tags-filename ()
(concat (vps-project-dir) "/" vps-project-name ".tags"))
(defun vps-ctags-filename ()
(concat (vps-project-dir) "/" vps-project-name ".ctags"))
(defun vps-filelist-filename ()
(concat (vps-project-dir) "/" vps-project-name ".txt"))
(defun vps-dirlist-filename ()
(concat (vps-project-dir) "/" vps-project-name ".dirs"))
(defun vps-alldirslist-filename ()
(concat (vps-project-dir) "/" vps-project-name ".alldirs"))
(defun vps-index-db-filename (&optional proj-name)
(concat (vps-project-dir) "/" (or proj-name) vps-project-name ".db"))
(defun vps-project (&optional proj-name)
"Return a project given a project name.
If no project name is supplied, use the current project name."
(if (not proj-name) (setq proj-name vps-project-name))
(let ((pair (assoc proj-name vps-alist)))
(if (null pair)
(error "No such project defined: %s" proj-name)
(cdr pair))))
(defun vps-ext-regexp (proj-name)
(regexp-opt (cadr (vps-get-setting 'ext proj-name)))
(defun vps-file-to-string (file)
"Read the content of FILE and return it as a string."
(condition-case nil
(insert-file-contents file)
(buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max)))
(file-error nil)))
(defun vps-rebuild-rdir-cache (rdirs)
(if (file-exists-p (vps-dirlist-filename))
(message "vps: Rebuilding directory cache for %s" vps-project-name)
(message "vps: Building directory cache for %s" vps-project-name))
(let ((collected-dirs))
(dolist (rdir (cadr rdirs))
(add-to-list 'collected-dirs (expand-file-name rdir) t)
(dolist (dir (vps-all-sub-directories rdir))
(if (> (length (vps-directory-files dir)) 0)
(add-to-list 'collected-dirs dir t))))
(with-temp-file (vps-dirlist-filename)
(set-buffer-file-coding-system 'raw-text)
(dolist (dir collected-dirs)
(insert dir "\n")))
(setq vps-rdir-cache collected-dirs)
(setq vps-rdir-cache-timestamp (nth 5 (file-attributes (vps-dirlist-filename))))
(defun vps-rdirs-file-cache ()
"Return 'rdirs settings file cache if any."
;; return vps-rdir-cache
(setq vps-rdir-cache
(if (not (file-exists-p (vps-dirlist-filename)))
;; rebuild cache file
(vps-rebuild-rdir-cache (vps-get-setting-or-default 'rdirs nil)))
;; load cache file from disk
(prog1 (split-string (vps-chomp (vps-file-to-string (vps-dirlist-filename))) "\n")
(setq vps-rdir-cache-timestamp
(nth 5 (file-attributes (vps-dirlist-filename)))))
(defun vps-rdirs ()
"Return actual (sub)directories for the 'rdir setting."
(let* ((rdirs (vps-get-setting-or-default 'rdirs nil))
(max-rdirs-cache-age (vps-get-setting-or-default
(if (not vps-rdir-cache-timestamp)
(if (> (time-to-seconds (time-since vps-rdir-cache-timestamp))
(* max-rdirs-cache-age 24 60 60)) ;; in days
;; Rebuild too old file if allowed by user
(if (not (file-exists-p (vps-dirlist-filename)))
(vps-rebuild-rdir-cache rdirs)
;; Ask before rebuilding cache files larger than 10000 bytes
(if (> (nth 7 (file-attributes (vps-dirlist-filename))) 10000)
(if (y-or-n-p "vps: Rebuild directory cache? ")
(vps-rebuild-rdir-cache rdirs)
;; refresh both timestamps (memory and file) - fake rebuild
(shell-command (format "touch %s" (shell-quote-argument (vps-dirlist-filename))))
(setq vps-rdir-cache-timestamp
(nth 5 (file-attributes (vps-dirlist-filename))))
(vps-rebuild-rdir-cache rdirs)))
;; not time for rebuild yet
(or vps-rdir-cache (vps-rdirs-file-cache))
(defun vps-dirs (&optional proj-name)
(let ((dirs (vps-get-setting-or-default 'dirs nil proj-name))
(rdirs (vps-get-setting-or-default 'rdirs nil proj-name)))
;; return
(if dirs (cadr dirs))
(if rdirs (vps-rdirs))
(defun vps-valid-dirs (&optional proj-name)
"todo vps-valid-dirs file-directory-p and expand-file-name removes duplicates,."
(let ((valid-list nil))
(dolist (userdir (vps-dirs vps-project-name))
(let ((dir (vps-strip-slash (expand-file-name userdir)))
(unless (or (member-ignore-case dir seen-list)
(not (file-directory-p dir)))
(add-to-list 'valid-list dir))
(add-to-list 'seen-list dir)))
(defun vps-dirs-and-ext-as-string (proj-name)
(mapconcat 'identity (cadr (vps-get-setting 'ext proj-name)) ",") " "
(mapconcat 'shell-quote-argument (vps-dirs) " ")))
(defun vps-get-setting (setting &optional proj-name)
"Get setting from project setting or vps-default-setting-alist (returns return value from assoc)."
(if (not proj-name) (setq proj-name vps-project-name))
(assoc setting (vps-project proj-name))
(assoc setting vps-default-setting-alist)
(error "No such setting: %s" (symbol-name setting))))
(defun vps-get-setting-or-default (setting default &optional proj-name)
"Get setting from project setting or vps-default-setting-alist (returns return value from assoc)."
(if (not proj-name) (setq proj-name vps-project-name))
(assoc setting (vps-project proj-name))
(assoc setting vps-default-setting-alist)
;; (defun vps-get-project-list-old (filename)
;; "Return the project list that FILENAME belongs to."
;; (let ((file-list nil))
;; (dolist (proj vps-alist)
;; (let ((dir1 (file-name-directory filename))
;; (proj-name (car proj)))
;; (dolist (dir2 (vps-dirs proj-name))
;; (when (vps-same-dir dir1 (expand-file-name dir2))
;; ;; (message "DIRHIT %s %s" dir1 (expand-file-name dir2))
;; ;; check extension FIXME
;; (add-to-list 'file-list proj-name t)
;; ))))
;; ;; (message "file-list: %s" (mapconcat 'identity file-list ", "))
;; file-list))
;; (vps-add-project "vtest" '((dirs ("~/site-lisp")) (rdirs ("~/elisp")) (ext ("el"))))
(defun vps-get-project-list (filename)
"Return a list of the projects that FILENAME belongs to."
(let ((file-list nil)
(dir1 (file-name-directory filename)))
(dolist (proj vps-alist)
(let* ((proj-name (car proj))
(dirs (vps-get-setting-or-default 'dirs nil proj-name))
(rdirs (vps-get-setting-or-default 'rdirs nil proj-name))
add-dir )
(if dirs
(dolist (dir2 (cadr dirs))
(when (vps-same-dir dir1 (expand-file-name dir2))
(setq add-dir t))))
(if rdirs
(dolist (rdir (cadr rdirs))
(when (string-match
(concat "^" (regexp-quote (expand-file-name rdir)))
(expand-file-name dir1))
(setq add-dir t))))
(if add-dir
(add-to-list 'file-list proj-name t))
;; (message "file-list: %s" (mapconcat 'identity file-list ", "))
(defun vps-change-project (&optional proj-name)
"Change current project interactively or programmatically via PROJ-NAME."
(if (interactive-p)
(setq proj-name
(vps-completing-read "Select project: "
(mapcar (lambda (pair)(cons (car pair) (car pair)))
(setq vps-project-name proj-name)
(setq vps-rdir-cache nil)
(setq vps-rdir-cache-timestamp nil)
(let ((tags-age)
(tags-filename (vps-tags-filename))
(auto-build-tags (cadr (vps-get-setting 'auto-build-tags))))
(when auto-build-tags
(if (not (file-exists-p tags-filename))
;; else: tags exists
(setq tags-age
(/ (vps-file-last-modified-duration (vps-tags-filename))
(* 24 60 60))) ;; in days
(when (and (> tags-age
(vps-get-setting-or-default 'max-tags-age
(< (length (vps-dirs)) 30))
(message "vps: tags file was created %.1f days ago" tags-age)
(sit-for 1)
(message "Project %s" proj-name))
(when (and (featurep 'filecache) (cadr (vps-get-setting 'file-cache-add)))
(sit-for 1)
(message "vps: file-cache-add")
(file-cache-add-directory-list (vps-dirs)))
;; (setq c-includes-path (vps-dirs))
(run-hooks 'vps-change-project-hook)
(let ((setup-function (cadr (vps-get-setting 'setup-function))))
(when setup-function
(funcall setup-function)))
(defun vps-auto-change-project (&optional nomessage)
(if (and buffer-file-name
(not (string-match "tags$" buffer-file-name)))
((proj-list (vps-get-project-list (buffer-file-name)))
(proj-count (length proj-list)))
(if proj-list
(if (member vps-project-name proj-list)
;; file belongs to a project
(unless nomessage
(message "File belongs to current project: %s %s"
(if (> proj-count 1) (format "(total %s)" proj-count ) "")))
(if (> proj-count 1)
;; file belongs to multiple projects
(let ((default (car proj-list)))
(vps-completing-read "Ambiguous.\nSelect project: " proj-list)
;; else: only belongs to one
(vps-change-project (car proj-list))
(unless nomessage
(message "\"%s\" does not belong to a project"
(unless nomessage
(message "No filename for this buffer"))
(defun vps-grep-invisible (command args)
"Call grep with visible COMMAND string and invisible ARGS string."
(let* ((cmd (progn
(set-text-properties 0 (length args) '(invisible t) args)
(format "%s %s" command args))))
(grep cmd)))
(defun vps-read-from-minibuffer (prompt &optional default-value hist)
"Simple version of read-from-minibuffer that returns default value on empty input."
(let* ((prompt-with-default (if default-value
(format "%s [%s]: " prompt default-value)
(format "%s: " prompt)))
(result (read-from-minibuffer
nil nil nil
hist default-value)))
(if (and default-value (string= result ""))
(format "%s" default-value)
(defun vps-grep-ignore-case (word)
"Run grep -i WORD on files associated with current project."
(interactive (list (vps-read-from-minibuffer "-i vgrep"
(current-word 'grep-history))))
(vps-grep word t))
(defun vps-grep (word &optional grep-ignore-case proj-name)
"Run grep WORD on files associated with current project.
Optional argument GREP-IGNORE-CASE when non-nil ignore case in search."
(interactive (list (vps-read-from-minibuffer "vgrep" (current-word 'grep-history))))
(if (string= word "")
(setq word (current-word)))
(unless (< (length word) 1)
((pregexp (cadr (vps-get-setting 'filename-pregexp proj-name)))
(ext (cadr (vps-get-setting 'ext proj-name)))
(dirs (cadr (vps-get-setting-or-default 'dirs nil proj-name)))
(rdirs (cadr (vps-get-setting-or-default 'rdirs nil proj-name)))
(concat vps-vgrep-call " "
(if grep-ignore-case "-i " "")
"-m " (format "%s" major-mode) " "
"-e "
(mapconcat 'identity ext ",") " "
(if pregexp
(concat "-f " (shell-quote-argument pregexp) " ")
(shell-quote-argument word) " ")))
(if (get-buffer "*grep*")
(kill-buffer "*grep*")) ; kill old hi-lock vars
(if current-prefix-arg
(read-from-minibuffer "vps Command: " visible-part)
(mapconcat (lambda (x)
(shell-quote-argument x)) dirs " ")
" "
(mapconcat (lambda (x)
(concat "-r " (shell-quote-argument x))) rdirs " "))))))
(defun vps-directory-files (dir)
"Project files for a directory in same order as extension list."
(ext-list (cadr (vps-get-setting 'ext))))
(dolist (ext ext-list)
(setq file-list
(append file-list (directory-files dir t
(concat "\\.\\(" ext "\\)\\'") t))))
(defun vps-make-ctags ()
"Delete old ctags file and make a new one (for current project)."
(message "%s: Make ctags file..." vps-project-name)
(let (command (tagsfile (vps-ctags-filename))
(progress 0) (max-progress (length (vps-dirs))))
(if (file-exists-p tagsfile)
(delete-file tagsfile))
(eshell-command (concat "ctags -L " (shell-quote-argument (vps-filelist-filename)) " -f " tagsfile))
;; (setq vtags-tagfile tagsfile)
(message "%s: Make ctags file...done" vps-project-name)
;; ?? FIXME why is (vps-valid-dirs) not used (it has a seen list)
(defun vps-make-tags-slow ()
"Delete old tags file and make a new one (for current project)."
(let (command seen-list (tagsfile (vps-tags-filename))
(progress 0) (max-progress (length (vps-dirs)))
(error-msg ""))
(if (file-exists-p tagsfile)
(delete-file tagsfile))
;; Append to tags file for each dir
(dolist (userdir (vps-dirs))
(let ((dir (vps-strip-slash (expand-file-name userdir))) file-list)
(setq progress (1+ progress))
(unless (or (member-ignore-case dir seen-list)
(not (file-directory-p dir)))
(setq file-list (vps-directory-files dir))
(if (null file-list)
(setq error-msg (format "Empty dir: %s" dir))
;; else
(setq command
"etags --members -a --output=%s %s"
(shell-quote-argument tagsfile)
" ")))
(add-to-list 'seen-list dir)
(shell-command command)
(message "%s\n%s: Slowly make tags file... %d/%d"
progress max-progress)
(message "%s: Slowly make tags file...done" vps-project-name)
(defun vps-make-tags ()
(insert-file-contents (vps-filelist-filename))
(shell-command-on-region (point-min) (point-max)
(format "%s --members --output=%s -" "etags"
(shell-quote-argument (vps-tags-filename))))))
(defun vps-make-ectags ()
(shell-command-on-region (point-min) (point-max)
(format "%s -L %s -e -f %s" "ectags"
(shell-quote-argument (vps-filelist-filename))
(shell-quote-argument (vps-ctags-filename)))))
(defun vps-make-ebrowse ()
"make ebrowse."
(let ((filelist (vps-filelist-filename))
(concat (vps-project-dir) "/" vps-project-name ".ebrowse")))
(format "ebrowse --output=%s --files=%s"
(shell-quote-argument ebrowse-filename)
(shell-quote-argument (vps-filelist-filename))))
(set-register ?B `(file . ,ebrowse-filename))))
(define-derived-mode vps-list-dirs-mode outline-mode "VPS List Dirs")
(font-lock-add-keywords 'vps-list-dirs-mode
'(("^ \\(.* s\\'\\)" 1 'shadow append)))
(defun vps-list-dirs-find-file ()
(let ((default-directory ""))
(find-file (replace-regexp-in-string "^ *" ""
(buffer-substring-no-properties (point-at-bol) (point-at-eol))))))
(defun vps-list-dirs ()
"Display directories for current project in a buffer. Press space to
call \\[find-file-at-point]"
(unless vps-project-name
(error "No current project"))
(switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "*vps dirs*"))
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(insert (concat "Project: " vps-project-name "\n\n"))
(let ((dirs (vps-dirs)) dir len)
(setq len (length dirs))
(dotimes-with-progress-reporter (i len) "Reading directories.."
(setq dir (nth i dirs))
;; (dolist (dir dirs)
(if (not (file-directory-p dir))
(insert "* " dir " (n/a)\n")
;; else:
(insert "* " dir "\n")
(dolist (file (directory-files dir t nil t))
(if (string-match
(concat "\\(" (mapconcat 'regexp-quote
"\\|") "\\)\\'")
(insert " " (propertize file 'face 'dired-ignored) " s\n")
(insert " " file "\n")))
(insert " \n"))))
(insert "\n")
(insert "* Settings keys\n")
(mapcar (lambda (x) (insert (symbol-name (car x)) " ")) (vps-project))
(goto-line 3)
(move-to-column 3)
(local-set-key (kbd "SPC") 'show-subtree)
(local-set-key (kbd "RET") 'vps-list-dirs-find-file)
(message (propertize " RET find-file-at-point SPACE show-subtree"
'face 'header-line)))
(defun vps-write-filelist ()
"write file list."
(with-temp-file (vps-filelist-filename)
(set-buffer-file-coding-system 'raw-text)
(dolist (dir (vps-dirs))
(if (file-directory-p dir)
(dolist (file (directory-files dir t
(vps-ext-regexp vps-project-name) t))
(insert file "\n"))))
(run-hooks 'vps-write-file-list-hook)))
(defun vps-write-alldirslist ()
(with-temp-file (vps-alldirslist-filename)
(set-buffer-file-coding-system 'raw-text)
(dolist (dir (vps-valid-dirs))
(insert dir "\n"))))
(defun vps-virtual-dired ()
(unless vps-project-name
(error "No current project"))
(unless (featurep 'dired-x)
(require 'dired-x))
(message "vps-virtual-dired: wait...")
(switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "*vps virtual dired*"))
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(insert (concat "Project: " vps-project-name "\n\n"))
(concat "ls " dired-listing-switches " "
(mapconcat (lambda (dir)
(shell-quote-argument (vps-strip-slash (expand-file-name dir))))
(vps-dirs) " "))
(defun vps-visit-tags ()
;; Delete old tags file loaded via vps-visit-tags
(catch 'loop
(dolist (buf (buffer-list))
(let ((filename (buffer-file-name buf)))
(when (and filename (string= filename vps-last-tags-filename)
(message "Killed tags buffer: %s" filename)
(kill-buffer buf)
(throw 'loop nil)
(setq vps-last-tags-filename (vps-tags-filename))
(setq last-tag
(propertize "<Project changed. Try again>" 'face 'font-lock-warning-face))
(visit-tags-table (vps-tags-filename)))
(defun vps-quick-add-recursive-project (name ext-string)
(interactive "sEnter project name: \nsExtensions (eg \"c,h\"): ")
(if (equal ext-string "")
(setq ext-string "c,cpp,h,hpp,hxx,cxx,cc,pl,pm,py,cs,rb,fsx,fs"))
(let ((dir (file-name-directory (read-file-name "Directory: "))))
(vps-add-project name `((rdirs (,dir))
(ext ,(split-string ext-string ","))))))
(defun vps-add-to-c-includes-path ()
(setq c-includes-path (vps-valid-dirs))
(if (y-or-n-p "Add MSVC:VC98/Include ")
(setq c-includes-path
(append c-includes-path
'("c:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VC98/Include")))))
(defvar vps-c-includes-path nil "Project specific c-includes-path. Set in hook")
;; (defun vps-c-includes (filename &optional regexp)
;; "Wrap c-includes to search vps-c-includes-path"
;; (interactive)
;; (let ((c-includes-path vps-c-includes-path))
;; (c-includes filename regexp)))
(defun vps-shell-command-in-dirs (command)
"Run the same command in all vps dirs"
(interactive "sEnter command: ")
(switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "*vps-shcmd-in-dirs*"))
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(insert " Hi-lock: ((\"[Ee]rror.*\" (0 (quote hi-pink) t)))\n")
(insert " Hi-lock: ((\"[Ww]arning.*\" (0 (quote hi-blue) t)))\n\n")
(dolist (dir (vps-dirs))
(format "Entering Directory: `%s'\n" (propertize dir 'face 'dired-directory))
(if (eq window-system 'w32)
(shell-command-to-string (format "cd %s && %s" (expand-file-name dir)
(shell-command-to-string (format "zsh -c \"cd %s && %s\"" dir command)))
(format "Leaving Directory: `%s'\n" (propertize dir 'face 'dired-ignored)))
;; (hi-lock-find-patterns)
(sit-for 0))
(defun vps-make-index (&optional proj-name)
"Make inverse index for PROJ-NAME."
(let ((filename (vps-index-db-filename proj-name)))
(if (file-exists-p filename)
(delete-file filename))
(message "Making index: %s" filename)
(if (> (shell-command
(concat "perl -w " (or (locate-library "")
"-S") " " filename)
nil "*vps-make-index: Error*")
(switch-to-buffer "*vps-make-index: Error*")
;; else
(message "Making index: done"))))
(defun vps-make-index-async (&optional proj-name)
"Make inverse index for PROJ-NAME asynchronously."
(let ((filename (vps-index-db-filename proj-name)))
(if (file-exists-p filename)
(delete-file filename))
(message "Making index: %s" filename)
(concat vps-perl-program " -w " (or (locate-library "")
"-S") " " filename " &") t)))
(defun vps-grep-via-index (word)
;; FIXME use thing-at-point-looking-at to exclude dots
(if (> (length (current-word)) 0)
(format "vps-grep-via-index [%s]: " (current-word))
"vgrep Expression: ")
nil nil nil 'grep-history (current-word))))
(unless vps-project-name
(error "No current project!"))
(if (string= word "")
(setq word (current-word)))
(unless vps-vj-search-index-program
(setq vps-vj-search-index-program
(concat "perl -w " (or (locate-library "")
(if (and
(not (file-exists-p (vps-index-db-filename)))
(y-or-n-p (format "Make index for %s? " vps-project-name)))
;; else
(if (string= word "")
(setq word (current-word)))
(grep (concat vps-vj-search-index-program " "
" "
(defun vps-compile ()
"Call compile with the project setting in 'compile-command in first 'rdirs directory."
(compile (read-from-minibuffer "Compile command: "
(format "cd %s && %s"
(caadr (vps-get-setting 'rdirs))
(cadr (vps-get-setting 'compile-command))))))
(defun vps-midnight-install ()
"Rebuild directory cache for current project at midnight.
Note that (require 'midnight) may install clean-buffer-list in midnight-hook"
(require 'midnight)
(unless midnight-mode
(message "vps-midnight-install: you must enable option midnight-mode!"))
(add-hook 'midnight-hook 'vps-midnight))
(defun vps-midnight ()
"Rebuild directory cache for current project."
(message "vps-midnight %s" (current-time-string))
(vps-rebuild-rdir-cache (vps-get-setting-or-default 'rdirs nil))
(provide 'vps)
;;; vps.el ends here