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symfony admin generator theme based on Boxie theme by gwaihir

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This is a symfony admin generator theme based on the Boxie theme by gwaihir


You'll have to buy the theme on Theme Forest to be able to use this plugin. It's cheap and it's good quality, so don't hesitate ! You can buy it at Theme Forest


Enable it in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()

Publish your assets:

$ php symfony plugin:publish-assets

Copying boxie files

Put the content of the boxie css/ folder into a newly created dir web/doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/css/boxie (you should have a css per color and an image directory) Put the ddpng.js file into web/doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/js/ You'll need jQuery for this theme, don't forget to include it somewhere in a view.yml

Global Layout

I've provided two examples of layout in doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/layout. Global is the layout for your application, login is the layout for the login page.

To add the layout to your login page when you're using sfDoctrineGuardPlugin, copy doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/layout/login.php to apps/backend/templates/. Then create apps/backend/sfGuardAuth/ and apps/backend/sfGuardAuth/config/ directories and put a view.yml inside the last one:

# in myproject/apps/backend/sfGuardAuth/config/view.yml
  layout: login
    - /doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/css/boxie/blue.css

Just do the same for the global layout by changing apps/backend/config/view.yml

Be sure to include the boxie.js file in your app view.yml. For example, here is mine:

# in myproject/apps/backend/config/view.yml

      content-type: text/html

      - back.css
      - /doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/css/boxie/blue.css
      - jquery-1.4.2.min.js
      - /doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/js/boxie.js

  has_layout:     true
  layout:         global

Admin generator usage

You'll have to enable the theme in your generator.yml. You have to change the theme value to boxieAdmin and the css value to the css you want (depending on the color). For example, you could have a file like this:

# in myproject/apps/frontend/modules/mymodule/config/generator.yml
  class: sfDoctrineGenerator
    model_class:           sfGuardUser
    theme:                 boxieAdmin
    non_verbose_templates: true
    with_show:             false
    singular:              ~
    plural:                ~
    route_prefix:          sf_guard_user
    with_doctrine_route:   true
    css:                   /doBoxieAdminGeneratorThemePlugin/css/boxie/blue.css


Feel free to modify and contribute !

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