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Vim for humans

Website code available here:


Be sure to create a symlink named 'vim-for-humans' in the project directory. This symlink should point to a directory where you've cloned code examples.

You will need some prerequisites to be able to compile the LaTeX source code:

  • A Tex distribution, TexLive for example.
  • Pygments, it's used for syntax highlighting using the mint LaTeX package.
  • Sphinx to generate the epub file.
  • kindlegen to generate the .mobi file.


  • dev-python/sphinx[latex]
  • dev-python/pygments
  • app-text/texlive
  • kindlegen package not available.


After the dependencies have been installed, run script to start compiling. If the compilation fails, be sure to check the content of the script and try running each command one after another.


Upon success outputs can be found in the dist/vimpourleshumains/ directory. Enjoy!