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Bot Sample

See the latest build in Travis CI from:

Build Status

A clear and simple base case bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework that demonstrates:

  • One way to automate bot testing
  • How to make a bot deployable to Azure Functions, AWS Lambda (via serverless) or restify
  • integration

This can be useful to those looking to get started quickly with either or all of the three points above.

More information about the automated testing aspect of this project can be found from this blog post.

Notes for Azure Functions

To learn how to setup continuous deployment of this bot see: Continuous deployment for Azure Functions

An interesting thing to note if you're following the above article is the structure of the repository. It is important that you follow the structure specified. This source code (bot-sample) can be one of the sub-directory (not the main directory). Obvious, but good to note! :)

To learn how to setup the necessary environment variables, see: How to configure Azure Function app settings.

For certain continuous integration deployment options, dependencies may not be automatically resolved. If you run into dependency errors, try getting the dependent botbuilder package by running:

> npm install

within site\wwwroot[FUNCTION_DIR] (see above app settings documentation on how to access Kudu). For GitHub integration, the dependencies should already be resolved as part of the deployment process.


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