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This repository contains scripts to generate load against an Azure Event Hub and to create all necessary resources. The load is generated with wrk running within Azure Container Instances (ACI).

It was tested that with 20 ACI and with 2KB payload, it was possible to ingest 42572 messages per second. In terms of data, this means approximately 85 MB/s when the maximum allowed by the 100 Throughput Units would have been 100 MB/s.

You can take a look at the CI configuration file to see how to setup and install the dependencies in the CI. The latest CI build output can be seen by clicking the badge below:

Build Status

For more details and some background information about this project, see the blog post at

Running locally


  • Install the azure-cli and make sure the az binary can be found from $PATH
  • Login with az login
  • Create a resource group for the resources the scripts create with az group create --name Travis --location "West Europe"
  • remove default location you may have configured with az configure --defaults location=''

Set required environment variables


export RESOURCE_GROUP=Travis

In above, the script URL can point to your custom script, but do set wrk.method = "POST" in that script since Event Hub accepts only the POST method.


export WRK_OPTIONS="-t 1 -d 600s -c 50"
export KEEP_EVENT_HUB=true
export PRINT_METRICS=true



If you have set PRINT_METRICS=true, you can observe the output that prints the Incoming Messages metric from the Event Hub created. In a success case, one should be able to see a an output like below that informs about more than zero incoming messages:

The Event Hub currently has 504874.0 incoming messages