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A sample app using the Cordova plugin for AllJoyn.

Building and running on Windows

This app uses an unreleased Cordova feature so to build and run with Cordova scripts, one must use a custom version of cordova-lib and cordova-cli. Below is how to get the required versions. The commands are such that they work in a command prompt like Git Bash.

// Clone the right version of cordova-lib and cordova-cli
$ cd <local-folder-for-custom-cordova>
$ git clone && git -C cordova-lib checkout CB-8123-final
$ git clone && git -C cordova-cli checkout 4.2.0
$ cd cordova-lib/cordova-lib
$ npm install && npm link
$ cd ../../cordova-cli && npm link cordova-lib && npm install

Next, one can build and run this app using the custom Cordova scripts. Note that for the app to work, you need to have an AllJoyn router and a chat service running in the same network in which your app's target device is. Perhaps easiest option is to download and run the binary from alljoyn-14.06.00a-win7x64vs2012-sdk-dbg/cpp/bin/samples/chat.exe on the same machine on which you run this Cordova chat app.

// Navigate to the folder to which you cloned this app
$ cd <local-folder-of-this-app>
// Pick one of the 2 options below
// Option 1: Add the Cordova plugin for AllJoyn directly from github
$ <local-folder-for-custom-cordova>/cordova-cli/bin/cordova plugin add
// Option 2: Add the Cordova plugin for AllJoyn from a local folder
$ <local-folder-for-custom-cordova>/cordova-cli/bin/cordova plugin add <local-path-of-cordova-plugin-alljoyn>
// Add the Windows platform
$ <local-folder-for-custom-cordova>/cordova-cli/bin/cordova platform add windows
// To run on Windows Phone 8.1 emulator
$ <local-folder-for-custom-cordova>/cordova-cli/bin/cordova run windows --emulator --archs="x86" -- -phone
// Running on Windows Phone 8.1 device
$ <local-folder-for-custom-cordova>/cordova-cli/bin/cordova run windows --device --archs="arm" -- -phone
// To run on desktop (current default is Windows 8.1 build)
$ <local-folder-for-custom-cordova>/cordova-cli/bin/cordova run windows --device --archs="x64" -- -win


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