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Background information


Build Leshan

git clone
cd leshan
mvn clean install
java -jar leshan-server-demo/target/leshan-server-demo-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Verify that the server works and you can access http://localhost:8080 with your Web browser.

Create a stand-alone app package

See here for rationale why Java is included in the app package.

java -jar packr.jar packr-config.json
./target/LeshanApp/package/leshan.exe --cli --verbose --console

Try again to access http://localhost:8080 with your Web browser to ensure the generated stand-alone executable works as expected.

Create a Service Fabric cluster in Azure

Deploy to the Service Fabric Cluster


After completed, verify you can access the app in port 8080. The right URL looks something like but depends on the parameters given when creating the cluster.

Allow UDP traffic routing

Since Service Fabric endpoints are TCP by default, you have to manually switch the load-balancing rules to allow UDP.

Used software

The file packr.jar in the root of this repository is from