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Data Validation Project developed in C in which Library of user defined functions is developed for data validation purposes. Various types of checks for the purpose of data validation has been used such as:
1.Data Check
2.Range Check
3.Length Check
4.Fromat Check
5.Consistency Check
6.Check digits
7.Allowed character checks
8.Logic Check

How to run program?

1.For linux users go to the directory of Data Validation folder and copy its path, now type "cd path name" in the terminal to enter in to the specified directory.

2.To compile the program type "gcc -o main main.c EmailValidation.c DateFormat.c MobileNumber.c IntegerValidation.c NumberDivisibilty.c ", without quotes.

3.To run the program type "./main", without quotes.

4.Now choose one of the options from the given menu.

5.In the corresponding option enter the desired value and an output will be displayed.

6.After that, the program will prompt you to run it again, to check other functionalities. If you want to run it again then Enter Y or y else enter N or n to terminate program.

For complete clarity on project please read user manual.

Important Note: To know how to create header file in C go through this link:


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